Which Bandaids Are You Using To Fix Your Performance Customs?

Which Bandaids Are You Using To Repair Your Performance Culture?
We all wish to state we have a high-performance culture. However if you are relying on any of these bandaids, you are not going to get one.

Recently, I had a dream that the top my index that is left finger nearly completely take off. A disgusting that is big i understand. But what was weird is on with a bandaid that I was trying to hold it. And it wasn’t working. The top of the hand kept falling off. In spite of how bandaids that are many wrapped round the little finger, the fingertip just wouldn’t stay on.

(If you’re dry-retching about now, i really hope you do again while you continue reading. It may be inspiration do to do something positive about it.)

Efficiency systems in organisations are like chopped-off fingertips, too. They require the right type of …